Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow Time

When the roads are closed and you can't get to Snow Valley, Dad brings Snow Valley home.Torie tried snowboarding, Tanner tried skiing and Tara worked on her skills.

Everyone had fun.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A Christmas at home

We spent this Christmas at home. We have normally gone to Las Vegas to spend the holiday with Grandma Marshall. Which meant Tad and I had big shoes to fill. She always spends alot of time and energy to make everything perfect for the family. We gave it our best shot, and had so much fun, in the process. We made candy cane cookies for Santa.... We wrote our letters to mail off, and got letters in return.

Christmas Eve dinner was homemade lasagna with everyone helping.

Even Tanner jumped in to help....

It was time for our Christmas Eve present, our PJ's. Then time to set out the cookies for Santa and the crew. We got to know Prancer this year because he came to our house every night for a week before Christmas dropping by goodies and reminding the kids about the real meaning of Christmas.

Tanner loved his Wii game from Auntie Sarah...Wii music was a huge hit.

This year I tried my hand at sewing, nahhh I out sourced purses for the girls, and Grandma Marshall Made sure we didn't miss out on traditions, Tad opened his pistachios and just beamed from ear to ear. Torie got a snowboard and tara opened an itouch from Santa.

Tanner, well what more can we say than 2 thumbs up from Biggie on his helmet!

We then took a trip to Glamis and managed to get my whole family to the top of Olds. In true tradition on my side, I The Ice Capades were part of our plan...... It was a great holiday for us!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year's Eve Trip

We had a great trip to Glamis for New Years Eve. It as usual provided many laughs and memories.
Bonding moments everywhere
Tad what is so funny....................................
Got it
Tanner had a great trip with his Dad.
The crew watching the show at Olds
What do you think Tara is this the trip you make it up Olds?
She made it, great job listening to Dad
What cha think Bigs your turn?????
Let's work on wheelie action, Tanner give it a run.....
Front left off the ground, oh boy
A great trip had by all can't wait for Pres. Day!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

This past week of Christmas Cheer

Tara had her first violin concert, she did great.
Torie played a solo at the branch party, Facebook has the video
My little band!!!
Our nativity from church, Torie was Mary, Tanner was a Shepard and Tara was the Inn Keeper
Tanner got to speak with Santa, and share his list!

Monday, December 7, 2009

O Christmas Tree....

Every year we take the trek to Home Depot to pick out the tree. We take turns each year on who gets to choose. This year was Tara's year, and she did great. We got the tree home along with a second, and were trying to figure out when to decorate it.....
Loren's family came with us, so it was a family affair, and it was cold. A storm was A' brewin
It was fun to have family with us, and let the kids play.
That storm that was mentioned hit and so it was time to bake, and then the power went out, Well, make the best of it.......
Time to decorate, we got the lights up and then.......

We lost all power, so a fire went in and we went to decorating, everyone has their own ornaments from each year that they get to put up, and it is so neat that the kids know which ones are theirs and what they represent.

About 20 minutes after the tree was done we had power again!